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Welcome to Philadelphia Hair Restoration! For more than 12 enriching years, we have been the go-to place for patients desiring hair transplants. But, we aren’t just another hair clinic; we are a facility where hair restoration meets personalized care, and where your hair goals are our number one priority!

The Team

Meet the team of Philadelphia Hair Restoration

Behind every life-changing idea lies a visionary. In the case of Philadelphia Hair Restoration, it is our beloved founder, Dr. Anthony Farole, who is always willing to go the extra mile for his patients. The doctors of Philadelphia Hair Restoration are not just experts in their respective fields with a wealth of experience and knowledge in many others, they are a team united by a mutual purpose: to make an undeniable impact on the lives of those dealing with hair loss. It’s not just about bringing someone’s hair back; it’s about resurrecting their confidence, self-esteem, and sense of well-being.

The founding team cumulated a unique combination of medical expertise, and technological innovation, fueled by an unwavering passion for patient care. They identified a gap in standard hair restoration consultations and sought to bridge it with personalized, cutting-edge solutions. To them, it was never about meeting industry standards; it was about setting them.

Our visionaries established that a patient-centric approach would be the differentiating factor for Philadelphia Hair Restoration’s success. From the day we first opened up, we have prioritized the patients’ goals and experiences above all else. This philosophy is the life blood of our entire organization, from the front desk to the operating room, ensuring a seamless and empathetic journey for every individual who walks through the door.

Dr. Anthony Farole

Dr. Anthony Farole, the leading facial cosmetic surgeon in the greater Philadelphia region, excels in advanced hair transplant techniques. With degrees from the University of Pittsburgh and Tufts-New England Medical Center, his expertise combines meticulous surgical skills with a deep understanding of aesthetic harmony.

Certified in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery and lauded for his natural-looking hair restoration results, Dr. Farole’s practice in Bala Cynwyd, PA, is a beacon of excellence and patient trust. What really sets us apart is our hands-on approach: no treatments or procedures can take place without the direct involvement or supervision of our credentialed doctors.

Dr. Kenneth Nam

Dr. Kenneth Nam stands out as a specialized hair transplant surgeon, trained by ISHRS doctors in Philadelphia and hand-picked by Dr. Anthony Farole for his exceptional skill.

Leading as Co-Director and Chief of The Hair Transplant Surgical Staff, he’s been instrumental in over 500,000 successful graft placements. Dr. Nam’s focus on precision and aesthetics in hair restoration has earned him respect and admiration, both within the practice and among patients.

Beyond his professional life, Dr. Nam enjoys golf, hiking, and travel, bringing a well-rounded passion to his work.

Our mission

At Philadelphia Hair Restoration, our mission is simple yet impactful: To deliver superior quality hair restoration, enabling excellent volume and density of hair growth. But our commitment doesn’t stop at offering exceptional services; we aim to provide these at the best value for your money. Our support extends beyond just transactions. It’s about giving you an unparalleled, empathetic experience where your goals are our top priority.

Safety First: Your Well-being Is Our Priority

Patient safety is of paramount significance in our procedures. We meticulously maintain sterility protocols and use disposable needles to keep the environment infection-free. Our clinic is both HIPAA and OSHA compliant, giving the utmost confidence and peace of mind for our invaluable clientele. But what really sets us apart is our hands-on approach: no treatments or procedures can take place without the direct involvement or supervision of our credentialed doctors. Philadelphia Hair Restoration is not a spa; we are a full-fledged medical facility committed to your health and well-being.

Credentials and Compliance

At Philadelphia Hair Restoration, we are proud to be compliant with all state regulations and laws. We are not just a medical facility; we are a board certified institution that places your safety and goals at the very top. Our information technology is HIPAA compliant, ensuring the highest level of privacy and security for all our patients.

4 Reasons to choose PHR


For 12 years, we have been turning dreams into realities and the impossible into the possible for our clients. This dedicated experience has equipped us with the skills to offer the best in hair restoration services.


Our clinic excels in advanced Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), delivering precise, natural-looking hair restoration.


Our stringent safety protocols, HIPAA and OSHA compliance, and board certifications give us the credibility that you can count on.


We take immense pride in our unwavering commitment to our patients and their goals. We strive to provide the most caring experience, hand in hand with delightful results.


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Certainly! We use the latest and most efficient hair restoration procedures and treatments.

Our software systems are HIPAA compliant, ensuring that all your personal data and medical records are secure and well-protected.

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