A Master in Hair Restoration

Singular Focus on Hair Restoration Dr. Kenneth Nam, a dedicated hair transplant specialist, lives by his philosophy: “The Only Thing I Do is Hair!” His expertise was honed at the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) in Philadelphia, a testament to his deep commitment to the field.

Chosen for Excellence Selected by Dr. Anthony Farole for his exceptional surgical talent, Dr. Nam now serves as the Co-Director and Chief of The Hair Transplant Surgical Staff. His role is pivotal in maintaining the high standards of the practice, ensuring every patient receives the best possible outcome.

A Legacy of Successful Transformations With over 500,000 grafts successfully placed, Dr. Nam has made a significant impact in the field of hair restoration. His precision and attention to detail in each procedure underscore his commitment to excellence.

Balancing Professional and Personal Passions Away from the clinic, Dr. Nam finds joy in golfing, hiking, and traveling. These pursuits reflect his well-rounded approach to life, echoing the meticulous care he provides to his patients.

Contributing to a Renowned Practice Dr. Nam’s integration into an esteemed practice has been seamless, thanks to his focused expertise and dedication to hair restoration. He is not just a surgeon, but a revitalizer of confidence and well-being.

Dr. Kenneth Nam of Philadelphia Hair Restoration

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